AutoMz Ultimate Tweaker

AutoMz Ultimate Tweaker 4.5

Boost your system with a tweak

AutoMz Ultimate Tweaker adjusts your PCs settings to optimize system performance. View full description


  • Over 50 tweaks
  • Tweaks every major component


  • No tweak report at the end


AutoMz Ultimate Tweaker adjusts your PCs settings to optimize system performance.

The difference between this program and similar ones lies in the fact that everything is done automatically. You just have to indicate your processor type and speed, the operating system, your modem and your Internet connection speed. With this data, AutoMz Ultimate Tweaker begins to create a backup of the registry before optimizing so that any changes that are made can be rolled back. It then goes to work on your main memory, file system startup, the graphics card, and in general everything that affects the performance of your computer. The process is automatic so you don't have to do anything but the problem is that it doesn't give you a report at the end end so there's no way of knowing what has been changed. However, with over 50 tweaks applied, you should notice at least some tangible difference in the speed of your computer.

A fully comprehensive tweaker but it should tell you what has changed at the end.

Are You Tired of Windows "Blue Screens", Computer Crashing Or Real Slow Activity? AutoMz Ultimate Tweaker is a tool that helps you use your computer at optimum performance.

With a specially designed algorithm, scans your hardware (CPU, RAM, Graphic Card, Hard Disk, CD/DVD, Modem ect.) and your software. Then applies the best values for over 50 powerful tweaks!

AutoMz Ultimate Tweaker


AutoMz Ultimate Tweaker 4.5

User reviews about AutoMz Ultimate Tweaker

  • lesl

    by lesl

    "Didn't make much difference"

    I downloaded this and ran the powerful tweak settings. I didn't find any difference in performance or stability..   More.